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Serrano Gómez Ham Lot

Serrano Ham Lot Gómez Sausages

This batch of Gómez Sausages includes a 7.3 Kg Serrano Ham, approx. One bag of pork jerky (sweet), one bag of beef jerky (spicy), Strip of cured marinated bacon. Cured salted Iberian bacon strip, round sausage marinated Iberian bacon, cured marinated Gomecilla, sausage sausage loin header taco, extra artisan Iberian chorizo. Enjoy this batch made up of artisanal sausages such as Tasajo de Candeleda, both pork and beef, and the famous Gomecilla from Embutidos Gómez. Products from the Sierra de Gredos.

182,00  VAT included


Serrano Ham Lot Gómez Sausages

One Serrano Ham 50% Duroc 7.3 kg approx.

Bag of pork jerky (sweet), 400 gr. approx.

Bag of beef jerky (spicy), 400 gr. approx.

Cured marinated bacon strip, 400 gr. approx.

Cured salted Iberian bacon strip, 400 gr. approx.

Marinated Iberian bacon round sausage (approx. 350 gr.)

Cured marinated gomecilla (360 gr. approx.)

Taco of stuffed loin head (350 gr. approx.)

Extra Iberian artisan chorizo (340 gr. approx.)


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