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Gran Reserva Serrano Ham

Gran Reserva Serrano Ham has meat with a delicate flavour, little salt and an extremely pleasant aroma characteristic of its high quality. A real treat for the palate. Gran Reserva Serrano Ham is the musculoskeletal piece that forms the rear end of the pig's leg. These pieces are subjected to the appropriate action of common salt, which guarantees their conservation for consumption after meticulous drying and maturation.

Ingredients: Pork hind limb and common salt.

Approx. weight: 10kg

131,50  VAT included


Tasting note

Gran Reserva Serrano ham has a characteristic color from pink to purple-red in the lean part and a shiny appearance of the fat. Meat with a delicate flavor, little salt and a pleasant and characteristic aroma.


Sheathed in black mesh or in a food-grade cardboard box.


The specifications of the cardboard boxes and packaging nets for our products preserve the quality and flavor of the product.

Nutritional information (average values per 100 g)

Energy value: 319 kcal

Fats: 22.6 g of which:

– saturated: 7.94 g

Carbohydrates: 0.2 g of which:

– sugars: 0.2 g

Proteins: 28.8g

Salt: 5.32 g

Additional information

Weight10 kg


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